Christina York

Business Administration

At weekly team meetings, she claims that her main job is to “bring the food,” but as the official Satchel Ambassador, Christina York is the member of #TeamSatchel who makes sure this startup is able to “bring home the bacon.”

“I take care of anything that needs to be done, but my skills sets are mostly analytical,” York says.

As a devoted team member and wife of the creator, Beau York, Christina has been there from the beginning, from idea conception to writing grants and managing data collection.

“We were on vacation in New Orleans when the concept of Satchel was born, and we were walking to a neighborhood Christmas concert when he came up with the name. I’ve been along for the ride ever since.”

Christina is not only a fan of Satchel because of her love for travel, but because of the storytelling elements from podcast shows. As a native from the Midwest, she has grown to love the South and intricate stories from unexpected places.

“I recently discovered Beyond Bourbon through the “Listen Local” feature on Satchel while driving to New Orleans. It’s awesome when tourism and local history podcasts surface for listeners who are on vacation in a new place.”

York is an advocate for utilizing podcasts to learn something new as her favorite shows range from Spanish lessons to gardening tips. From Christina, the team has learned how to balance a busy family life while helping to maintain a startup company.

Though her roles vary from being a working mom in the tech world, to research and data analysis, Satchel is proud to have her as a founding member of the team!