Briar Bowser

Co-Founder & Developer

As the only one to ever defeat the treacherous, Baffled Brachlyophosaurus (meticulous IT updates and patches), Briar Bowser is not only the fearless, coding warrior of #TeamSatchel, but he’s also the co-founder. Between the ages of 8 and 12, Bowser took apart computers, put them back together and began programming from his own laptop. His skills developed further into adulthood as he tutored friends in advanced computer skills and took logic classes “just for fun.” As an avid podcast listener, Bowser bonded with fellow producer at the time, Beau York, over their united admiration and fandom for shows that covered comics, science fantasy and artisan tobacco pipes. York soon discovered that Bowser’s intricate skills were more than sufficient to take on the task of contract development work, which led to more software coding down the line. In early 2015, Bowser became co-founder and partner of Satchel Podcast Player as it officially released the beta later that year. His goal for Satchel is to make the application efficient for all users, effective on all platforms and dinosaur virus free.