Beau York

Founder & CEO

Beau York has always gone against the grain to challenge the status quo and bring about change, innovation and growth to his fields of interest. After 7 years of working in the telecommunications industry for the largest privately held wireless provider in the country, he discovered an affinity for the technology that correlated with new media. Thus, his journey into the world of podcasting began. York’s new media production company, Podastery Studios emerged in 2013 as a one-stop-shop for production, talent, media resources, and consultation. The studio is known for creating best in category niche programming and has been noted by publications both at home and abroad including the New York Observer, Journalism UK, Boom Magazine, and the Clarion Ledger.  In 2016, Beau was a speaker at New Media Europe in London and has served as a mentor and sponsor of the Mississippi Youth Media Project. In his grand vision to further empower content producers and creatives like himself, York set out to launch yet another company from the ground up. With the support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, local investors, and co-founding Codesmith, Briar Bowser, York established Satchel, LLC with a mission to progress podcasting as an industry.