Satchel Update: What’s New?

Satchel Update: What’s New?

Update your Satchel App!

The Satchel Podcast Player was made by and for all of us podcast enthusiasts! We have hosted, recorded, produced, searched and binged shows just like you. What we have created is more than just an app, but part of our mission to bring this growing industry together.

Over the next few days, the latest version of Satchel will go out and introduce the ability to save your podcast subscriptions through a new user profile account. We have a saying at hq: “Beta is Beta” and while we are constantly working out details as we go, each time we push out an update we want to encourage as much feedback as possible! In the event that you notice any bugs or have some ideas for feature improvements, don’t hesitate to bring it to our attention at and we will do our best to respond within a few hours! Now then, let’s jump into the details:

What’s this new User Profile system all about?

By setting up an account, all of your podcast subscriptions will be available to you no matter what device you are on. That means when you switch carriers, from iPhone to Android, or just upgrade your current device you won’t have to search and subscribe again to store all of your favorite shows. Not only that, but your User Profile will keep track of which episode you last listened to and where! Let’s say your 33:24 minutes in to your favorite gaming podcast and just then, OH NO! your phone falls off a cliff, never to be seen again! What were you doing on a cliff? We don’t know and frankly that’s none of our business, but the point is that when you climb back down and purchase a new phone, by logging into your Profile you will be able to pick back up at 33:24 minutes, right where you left off!

Anything fixed?

A few things, however the big one is that Satchel will now automatically update your subscriptions in the background rather than requiring manual updates for each show. (Yay!)

Will the Profile system be mandatory?

Yes and no. We’ve set it up to require an account if you subscribe to 3 or more podcasts. However the rest of the app is still completely usable for streaming, downloading, and discovering podcasts if you choose to not setup a Profile.

How do I get it?

If you already have the Satchel App, all you’ll need to do is check your phone’s app store and upgrade to the newest version.

Do I have to uninstall the player?

Nope, a simple update will do!

Wait! I don’t see an update in the app store. What’s wrong?

All good. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days for App updates to hit the various App stores. That said, all should be up and running by 5/15.


Again, with each of our updates, we want to hear from you about how it’s going. Be sure to join the Satchel Squad group on Facebook and for the quickest response for issues related to the latest patch, please send a message to to resolve any potential problems.

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