Cash for Podcasters: Fun with Numbers!

As a startup made by and made for content creators, we constantly ask the question:

How can they monetize their podcast?

One of our driving forces Satchel is to help grow the podcast industry as a whole. Part of that growth is helping podcasters, big and small, to spend more time making podcasts and less time working on other things. For most of you, creating your shows full-time is the ultimate goal. Satchel already has solutions in place, with goals of creating more in the future.


Many of you have attempted to raise money in some form before. You might have created a t-shirt campaign, sold merchandise, or simply asked for PayPal donations. All of these efforts can work, but one obstacle that is not easily overcome is the time it takes your listeners to stop the podcast, find the website, get out their bank card, and make the transaction. Satchel has taken major strides to remedy this problem by giving the listener the ability to donate to their favorite shows directly on the episode page.

What a lot of podcasters don’t realize is that it doesn’t take a massive audience or a lot of money from that audience, to make podcasting profitable. Let’s have some fun with numbers…

No matter the size, any show can be profitable and can even create full-time jobs. In fact, one aspect that makes podcasting so different and more profitable than other forms of media, is the dedication and loyalty of the audience.

Having 25% of your audience donate is very possible.



Podcast audiences feel more affinity and loyalty to the hosts of their favorite shows than most other types of media. Their willingness to help isn’t the problem, it is the barriers of time and effort that keep them from supporting. Satchel removes both barriers and will continue to innovate to make it easier to remove future barriers as well.


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