Taking PayPal Donations To The Next Level

PayPal + Satchel = Love (and money)
PayPal donations though Satchel just got a major upgrade and we’ve got all the info to help navigate the new and improved feature enhancements. Let’s take a look at how the PayPal Donations feature can help you monetize your podcast!


What’s Changed?


More Money. No Problems…
We originally setup the PayPal call to action (CTA) as a Tip Jar of sorts with custom amounts up to a maximum of $10. Now, the updated Donate button CTA gives preset amounts  beginning at $10 and going all the way up to $120.

Lump Sum Payouts!
The new setup also allows for payouts based on a supported network rather than individual show. This means if one of your shows has a donation amount of $30 and another has $60, at the end of the month you would receive one lump sum payment of $90 if both shows are set up to the same PayPal account.


Why the Changes?


Best Practices From Public Broadcasting
You’ll be hard pressed to find a podcaster today who wasn’t, at least in some part, inspired by their favorite radio programs and broadcasters. As fans of public broadcasting and similar listener supported content, Team Satchel has been working to learn from the greats at WNYC Studios all the way to our hometown NPR member station, Mississippi Public Broadcasting (MPB). We structured our preset donation amounts based on similar recommended practices from public broadcasting and tweaked them a bit to match the new media market.

Less Fees
By increasing the donation amount of listener support and reducing the number of transactions, we are able to cut transaction costs and reduce the number of processing fees. Basically it means more money + more money 🙂


1. Speaking of fees… What are they?

We exist to empower podcasters at every level and have worked to ensure that fees are as low as possible. The 90% lion share of each donation goes directly to the podcaster with the other 10% being split between PayPal and Satchel.
2. Why monthly payouts?
By processing payments monthly as opposed to individually we are able to cut back on the number of transactions processed, and therefore the fees involved.
3. Why the payout minimums?
Transaction fees can be tricky, especially when you’re juggling micro transactions versus traditional money transfers. In an effort to ensure accuracy, consistency and security, we felt it best to maintain a $10 minimum so that all transactions can be treated the same.
4. What if I want my money now?
Your account will need to have a minimum of $10 in donations for end of month payout. The money is there and rolls over indefinitely until you are able to generate the minimum revenue.
5. Can I see who is supporting me?
Not at this time, however… Stay tuned.
6. Can I send a “Thank You”?
Same… Seriously though, awesome things in the works!


Hope this helps in giving an overview of the latest updates to the Satchel Podcast Player. For those interested in activating this feature on their podcast, be sure to register and manager you show on the Satchel Podcaster Portal!


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