Making Money With Satchel

Making Money With Satchel

In case you haven’t heard our story, we created Satchel because we are podcasters just like you. We want every story to be heard and for each show to be empowered through our app.

Over the next few weeks we’re introducing a series to help you get the most from Satchel as the best resource to build your podcasting community, to grow your audience, and build financial support. So without further ado, here we go!

The week, it’s all about the messaging. Let your audience know how they can support you in 3 easy steps: Download, Subscribe, Donate

1. Download Satchel.

The first step is always the hardest, right? But take note that there are lots of benefits for your listeners to use Satchel. Not only is it free, but they can easily navigate content by category, and even see who is broadcasting in their home town! Whether it’s Beyond Bourbon Street in New Orleans or The Bowery Boys in New York, Satchel is helping listeners across the world connect with their local podcast community.

2. Subscribe to the podcast.

Search for your show (it’s there) and subscribe. It’s simply that simple!


3. Donate to support your show.

Many people ask “how do podcasters make money?” The truth: Many of them don’t, unless they have ads or sponsors, and it’s not always ideal. Like true artists, we get behind the mic because we are all hopelessly addicted to talking about the passions that drive us. With Satchel, at a click of a button, listeners can easily and quickly support your show!

After gathering feedback from many of you as well as expert fundraisers from public broadcasting we’ve enhanced the Satchel Donation feature for podcasters that opt for PayPal as their preferred listener support call to action (CTA). Take a look:

More on this to come in next week’s blog post so be sure to stay tuned! Our goal is to truly build a podcast player that benefits you as a content creator at every level. Help us do that by downloading Satchel today and by joining the “Satchel Squad” on Facebook.

Add this link to your podcast website to help make it easier for your listeners to support you on Satchel:

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