Satchel is Poppin’

Satchel is Poppin’

….Poppin’ up, that is!

But not like your unexpected girlfriend or anything! No need to lock your doors…

We’ve had lots of updates and much more to come, but during the season of love (no honey, we didn’t forget Valentine’s Day) we want to hear from you and share the love with our users, listeners– and make some new ones!

Join us as we share with the community about how we use our app to #ListenLocal and make sure that users know the best ways to get their content out into the airways!

Where to find us this season?


Tuesday, February 24

Millsaps College

11:00 AM – 1:30 PM


Monday, February 27

Broadstreet Bakery

7:30 -11:00 AM

Coffee ON US!


What you’ll find?

You get to meet #TeamSatchel

Satchel swag: T-shirts, pins and more!

New opportunities  (internships & ways to be a part of the #TeamSatchel)

An official invite to join the Satchel Squad — but don’t worry you can join too!

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