Pantsuit Politics

Pantsuit Politics

In the final episode of America, The Greatest on election day, most of us were on the edge of our seats, watching screens and anxiously checking for updates. (Spoiler Alert: we’re still here and still standing.) However, the podcast world was already buzzing with enriching observations and encouragement that is keepin’ it nuanced, ya’ll.



Sarah Stewart Holland (left) and Beth Silvers (right)


In this politically tense atmosphere, podcast programs are “filling a void in media consumption and allowing amazing content to [fill] all those moments in our lives we can’t be staring at a screen,” according to Sarah Stewart Holland, one-half of Pantsuit Politics. Along with her co-host, Beth Silvers, they spread to the far right and far left of the spectrum, which in turn reach out towards their community in positive ways.

“Our community is so broad now I realize there was a much bigger need than we realized,”

Holland shared about the origin of their show. “There are very few female, political shows and even fewer that are led by women who aren’t professionals in the political field.”

Based out of Paducah, Kentucky, Holland was voted to the City Commission in this past election cycle after months of hard work on and off the mic. Together, Holland and Silvers both have several years of experience in law, yoga instruction, media consulting, business, professional politics and event a stint on Capitol Hill.


Though they initially planned to reach a female audience, their fan-base has spread as they’ve been featured guests on other shows including Decode DC, The Mom Hour and What Should I Read Next. After attending Podcast Movement during the summer, the duo made many connections, including their discovery of Satchel Podcast Player.

“I think it’s really filling an important hole in the market and I can’t wait to see it grow,”

Holland said about Satchel. With a specific category search, their show is at the top of the list for poised, totally partisan commentary. However, not nearly as poised as a freshly-pressed pantsuit.

“I wanted to do a show about women and politics and the name just kind of came to me,” Holland shared that the title came long before it was the iconic outfit of choice for the former candidate Clinton. “The show format kind of changed but the name stuck.”




Satchel is happy stick with savvy, suit wearing podcasters any day and we think you should too! Give them a listen on Satchel, connect with them on Facebook and Twitter: @PantsuitPolitics

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