Put Your Podcast On The Map

Put Your Podcast On The Map

Ever wonder who is podcasting in your hometown?  

Satchel helps you and your audience listen local by serving up podcasts created in and for your local area!

Put YOUR Podcast on the MAP with Satchel!

“Listen Local with Satchel.”

New feature from Satchel Podcast Player is set apart from other streaming platforms with the unique ability for listeners to search based on location. Podcast producers are encouraged to register their show with Satchel so that local audiences can find and support their local podcast community. 

In comparison to other podcast catchers like iTunes..

..Satchel is able to enhance the listener experience through building community and financial support that goes directly to podcasters who produce the show.

We hear all the time that podcasts are the future of radio, but even the most vigorous proponents of podcasts acknowledge there are a few missing links in the evolutionary process. Chief among them is the value that Radio has and still offers in its terrestrial reach.


Think back to the earliest days of radio. Towers covered a radius that confined the broadcast to a select region. Pretty limiting when you consider the ease at which we communicate world wide in a matter of seconds. The thing is, this limitation caused the broadcasters to create content tailored for the local area. This was (and is) quality rich content that is of extreme relevance to the listener.

Podcasters worldwide have the ability to carry on this important tradition of speaking directly to the immediate community.. 

..but when your focus is local it can be easily buried when the platforms are global.

With over a quarter of a million podcasts available to stream and download, regionally produced content gets buried. Satchel offers the unique opportunity for locally focused podcasts to rise to the top while providing listeners the ability to find other podcasts created in and around their hometown.  

A collaborative environment is vital to the growth of the podcasting industry, which is already on the rise.  

Put Your Podcast On The Map With Satchel

Register your show today and put your podcast on the map to connect with your local listening community! 

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