Podcasting & Pigskins: Let’s Talk Football!

Podcasting & Pigskins: Let’s Talk Football!



“Do you like Big 12 football? Then you’ll probably like us”

Their slogan is all you need to know for The Farmland Podcast, hosted by Mark Smith. They’ve taken football fandom by storm with their sports knowledge, commentary, highlights and even a little bit of smack-talk.

Smith shared a bit of his origin with us and why he’s a fan of Satchel Podcast Player.


“I work at a radio station and I have a weekly show that focuses on sports and I wanted to go deeper than that, and I thought a podcast was a great way to do so,”  he said. “I am very new to the podcasting world, but what I have learned at a professional radio station has really helped me get The Farmland off of the ground.”

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, he’s become an avid listener to The Solid Verbal, The Fantasy Footballers, Clay Travis’ Podcast, and NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast shows.

“I believe that podcasting has drastically changed how news in general gets delivered, but football for sure. Now people can hone in on a specific podcast that talks about what they want to hear and there are so many podcasters out there that give listeners a specific topic.”


Whether from a specific topic or region, Satchel is changing with new media to make sure that football has a home and that listeners know where to find it.

“So far I have loved using this app, I think it is a great new way to discover podcasts and I am happy to be on board! I think that major media companies need to be taking podcasting seriously.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mark, we couldn’t agree more.


Check out The Farmland Podcast on the Satchel Podcast Player.
Twitter: @thefarmlandpod

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