#ThrowBackThursday: LA Podfest 2016

#ThrowBackThursday: LA Podfest 2016

“In the same way you go to Comic-Con to see your favorite super-heroes and content you love– It’s like that, but very centric on podcasting.”


As the podcast community grows, the fan base increases by the masses. In its fifth year after launching on Kickstarter, the Los Angeles Podcast Festival features the cream of the crop from the industry, top comedians and podcasters in the land where many of them got their start.

From live recordings to standup shows, #LAPodfest was a hit once again in September 2016. Team Satchel is still raving from the experience and the connections they shared with fellow podcasters who share our same mission—to showcase the community on a local level.



“I found the best conversations happened in panel discussions,” shared Beau York, one of the creators of Satchel Podcast Player. “We were in this one room, kinda separate from everything else and that’s where we talked about questions like…”

“Where is podcasting going in the future?”

The discussion of podcasting in such an enthusiastic forum affirmed the industry as an art of storytelling that is riding a glorious wave in the age of digital media, led by a panel which included members of the cast of the hit show, Criminal.



There were infinite moments of podcast fandom, but below are the top 7 memories of LA Podfest as told by Satchel co-founders,  Beau York and Briar Bowser.

  1. Star struck by Bill Hader (SNL), Wil Wheaten (former Star Trek star and frequent Big Bang Theory appearances), Jasika Nicole (known from Fox series Fringe podcast and Welcome to Night Vale) and several comedians
  2. Learning the story of the storytellers behind the podcast, Criminal
  3. Sampling the Los Angeles food – boutique ramen (Oh yes, it’s a thing)
  4. Being part of something bigger; the podcast industry is strong and growing
  5. Meeting the creators of Welcome to Night Vale
  6. Learning about and meeting the other sponsors who support podcast networks
  7. Seeing people excited about Satchel’s “listen local” feature

In addition to great feedback from podcasters and listeners, the event also brought Los Angeles up to the city with the most registered podcasts on Satchel, clocking in at 42 shows. Trailing behind Los Angeles is London with 31 and New York with 22 locally registered shows. This enables listeners in the community to discover an array of new content through the “listen local” feature in their area.


Connect with @lapodfest on Twitter, give them all of the likes on Facebook and stay tuned for more awesomeness from lapodfest.com.


Don’t forget to put your podcast on the map with Satchel Podcast Player and see who is broadcasting from your local community!


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